The Caribbean Poker Top Strategy

Caribbean Poker is another fun version available to the true poker fans. It goes without saying that this version also requires the careful knowledge of rules and strategies to play and succeed. This online casino game has received its name from the many casinos that exist in the Caribbean and on cruise ships that tour the area. The game starts with each player placing an ante bet, prior to the dealer announcing "no more bets". In order to participate in the progressive jackpot, a player may also place a $1 side bet at this time. After all bets are placed, each player receives 5 cards face down. The dealer receives 4 cards face down and one card face up (remember that the dealer's up card).Each player has to decide whether to call or to fold, depending on whether the player thinks his or her hand will beat the dealer's hand. If the players fold, they lose the ante bet. If the players call, they have to place an additional wager of twice the ante bet.Next, the dealer will reveal the remaining 4 cards. The dealer's hand qualifies, if it holds at least an ace and a king or higher. If the dealer's hand doesn't qualify, all players that didn't fold receive their call bets back and are paid out 1 for 1 on their ante bets. If the dealer's hand does qualify, all players that have a higher ranking hand than the dealer's hand, are paid out a sum identical to their ante bets. The payout on the call bets depends on the payout table. If the dealer and players hands are tied (all five cards are identical in rank), the ante and bet wagers are both pushes and there is nothing to be done.

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