Strategies for Winning at Mega Jacks

If you have heard about the game of Mega Jacks but are not really sure as to what it is and how to play this game at an online casino, then you should keep reading this. When you play video poker you are playing against a gaming machine, which is actually very complicated Random Number Generator software, and not against other online casino players, and this fact is something that you can take advantage of at the online casino. As the popularity of online casino video poker games increase, the online casino industry presents a bigger number of alternatives of video poker games such as Mega Jacks.Mega Jacks is a video poker version with a set of its own complex guidelines. The game is dealt from a normal 52 card deck. The objective of this online casino game is to attain a poker hand of five cards with a winning combination. The better your hand, the higher your payouts will be. You can replace your set of cards only once during the game and you alone control the amount of the cards you choose to replace.The basic rules of Mega Jacks are a lot like the other standard video poker games at an online casino; however, what makes Mega Jacks different at most online casino sites is that a percentage of the bets you make get put into a progressive jackpot pool. Progressive jackpots are those which are building up as more and more people play. This specific video poker game is offered through Playtech software operated casinos. The Jackpot starts with a lower value than usual but the machine often offers options to play at over a 100% payback.

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