Roulette Betting Systems

Firstly let us begin by saying that there is no way of beating the Roulette table. You will find many websites that claim to have found a way and offer you to buy their books or software. Do Not Believe Them!!

Think about it; if you found a way of beating the Roulette table would you be wasting time selling your system at $30 or $50 to online visitors, or would you buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas and hit the casinos for all they have?

Now that we got that out the way there are several classic Roulette playing strategies that can be applied but their main aim is controlling bankrolls and splitting bets wisely, not beating the Roulette table.

Martingale System – aimed at even money outside bets. Double your bet after every lose and reduce to original wager after every win. The disadvantage is you can reach the table bet limit rapidly and then the system fails.

Labouchere System – progressive system where players predetermine the numbers in their betting sequence and the first wager is equal to the value of the first and last numbers in the sequence. If the wager pays off the numbers are crossed and if a bet is lost its value is added to the end of the sequence.

D'Alembert System – generally applied to even money outside bets. After each loss one unit is added to the next wager and after each win one unit is deducted from the next wager. This system relies on the principal that a loss is likely to follow a win and a win is likely to follow a loss. With the Roulette table being random and numbers lacking any memory this is not necessarily a wise strategy to follow. Its best applied to control your bankroll and ensure you do not go bust before you played enough and generated some wins.

Inside Bet System - There's a theory that states that is a number has not hit in a long while it is due to hit. Based on this you could always try to bet on the numbers that occurred least. You will need a substantial bankroll for this and patience to play many spins.

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