Online Video Poker Rules

Even though to some potential online casino players the work poker may sound kind of intimidating, there is nothing scary about video poker. True, anyone who has ever played a game of poker at any type of online casino can easily play Video Poker. But even if you have never laid your hands on poker or video poker for that matter out of the fear that this game might be too complicated and complex for you, then you have been missing out on tons of fun. Any online casino player should remember that the main difference between Video Poker and traditional poker at an online casino is that chance plays a much bigger role in Video Poker. In addition top that in Video Poker there is no need to base your decisions on what other players are thinking or doing. However, if you think that Video Poker has absolutely nothing in common with a traditional game of poker then you are mistaken. Many of the same card combinations from traditional poker played at the online casino apply to winning combinations with Video Poker. So, first off a player must get accustomed with the most popular combinations in the game. Learn to distinguish between such combinations as Straight, Flush, Royal Flush and Full House. Also remember that when playing Video Poker at an online casino you must follow a strategy. If you believe yourself to be an experienced video poker player then maybe you should take a closer look at the more complicated types of Video Poker such as Deuces Wild. Deuces Wild is version of 5 Card Draw Table Video Poker. It is different from standard video poker in that the four 2 cards are known as “deuces”, and act similarly to wild cards or jokers, and they have an ability to substitute any card both in value and suit. The goal of this Video Poker game is to get a 5 card poker hand that contains a winning combination. According to the cards you draw and play, you will be paid out certain amounts. In Deuces Wild, much of your decisions will depend on the amount deuces you have drawn. When you start playing Video Poker at an online casino your challenger is not another human but the machine. Many players say that they enjoy Video Poker in particular because there is no need to worry what hand you opponent has because rather than trying to beat another hand in Video Poker, you are simply trying to obtain a certain kind of hand for yourself. You win when your hand matches up to any of the various winning hand combinations featured for that online casino machine. With those Video Poker rules in mind we wish you good luck!

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