Online Keno Strategy

Online keno is a game that is easy to play but in order to ensure a fun time and a chance to win there is a strategy you can apply when playing the game of keno.

Although keno is a random game of chance you can still play in such a way where the casino's edge will be minimized to increase your chances of winning.

Whether your online casino of choice offers a 10 numbers keno or 15 numbers keno there is some strategy you can apply when selecting your numbers. Most players make the mistake thinking that if they select the maximum numbers allowed they will stand the best chance to win.

This is a mistake because the probability of hitting a perfect 10 or 15 is very low and when playing the max numbers the house advantage is increased. It is usually wiser to select between 3 to 9 numbers as that decreases the house edge to its lowest. For example if you select 10 numbers the odds of hitting all 10 numbers and winning the top prize are 8,911,702 to 1, however if you select 9 numbers the odds of winning the top prize are reduced to 1,389,686 to 1, and if you select only 3 numbers the odds of winning the top prize are 71.07 to 1.

Always check the paytables and payout percentage in your chosen online casino in order to determine your best keno strategy. If your casino of choice does not have that information or refuses to provide it to you; you will be best advised to find a better and more trust worthy online casino.

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