Online Keno Rules

Many online casino players enjoy a game of Keno and consider it to be easy. Even though the game is extremely simple and you don’t need to be a genius to play it every online casino player still needs to be familiar with the basic rules of Keno. In the live version of Keno, the player may mark from 1 through 20 numbers on a card that has 80 numbers organized in eight rows of ten. After that the player brings the card to a keno writer and places a wager that the numbers he chose will appear among the 20 drawn in the next game. In another case if the player is sitting in one of the casino restaurants he is able to signify the numbers of his choice on a card and give it with a wager to a keno runner, who takes it to the keno writer and then brings back the ticket. The bet is in multiples of the house minimum usually it amounts to 1 dollar. From then on the procedure is pretty simple. After the 20 numbers are drawn, winning tickets are paid in accordance to a table that is different from house to house. For instance, a four-spot ticket with betted can return the if two numbers hit, bring if three numbers hit, and pay 0 if all four come in. But in another casino, the three-number hit might pay and all four 5, and in another the payoffs might be and 0. Basically due to those differences no payback percentage is common enough to be called average. Paybacks usually differ from below 70 percent to more than 80 percent. In order for an online casino player to distinguish between the various types of wagers that can be made in Keno he must pay attention to the following explanations. There are several types of tickets used in Keno. The first type – is the straight ticket. Basically, betting the numbers marked as a single wager is called betting a straight ticket. It’s the easiest way to bet but some online casino players tend to wager on more combinations. A so called “way ticket” is another popular way to bet for experienced Keno players at the online casino. This basically works when a player marks six numbers, circles two groups of three, and marks on the side of the ticket, “2/3, 1/6.” The player then would bet to have wagers on each of two three-spot combinations and on the six-spot. A more sophisticated wager is when a player uses a King ticket or a combination ticket. If you are familiar with those simple rules of Keno – than you are ready to play this game in an online casino, as well as land based casinos.

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