Online Craps Preview

Craps is a very exiting game to play at the online casino, but it can also be a little confusing. Even thought most experienced online casino players tend to find craps easy to play a newcomer at this game must initially get familiar with the rules. In this section we’ll take a look at some of the most common strategies used, and even provide you with tips for improving your game. Many truly devoted online casino players are interested in the origin of craps. One of the most popular online casino games to date, craps is also one of the oldest. People who studied the subject believe that the game of craps had originated from a game called “azzahr”. A number of experts think that the game has Arabic roots, and during the 18th century it had made its way to France where it was named “hasard”, and after its gradual move to England craps became know as “hazard”. Eventually, France adopted the English spelling and took what we currently know as craps with them to a French settlement in Canada called Acadia. When England seized control over Acadia, the French fled to New Orleans where the game evolved during the years. In addition to the rules, the name of the game also changed from “hazard” to “crabs” until it eventually embraced its current name as craps. So, due to this evolution we know have a game that is loved and enjoyed by millions of online casino players all over the world. Now that you are familiar with the history of craps you’ll be able to concentrate more on the rules of this terrific online casino game.

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