Online Casinos Payment Report Reading Guide

The payout rate is the amount of money that the online casinos have given to the players who have won their bets. For example, a payment rate of 97% indicates that 97% of the total amount of money that was bet by players at the online casino, basically left online casino and was obtained by the winning players. This signifies that online casino makes a 3% profit; and it the full amount of money lost by the players it sums up to millions of dollars, which is not exactly a bad turn out.

Different online casinos promote various payout rates, thus upon starting to play at the online casino, you are advised to check out its payout rate. Keep in mind that an individual payment rate of 96% for table games indicates that 96% of the money that was put on stake on table games in online casinos was paid to the winners by the online casino. However, a general payout rate of 98% suggests that 98% of the money wagered by all players, regardless of the type of games they have played in the online casinos, was paid out by players who have won.

Of course you should know where to first look in order to locate the online casinos payout rate. Great deals of online casinos display a payout percentage report on their websites. All the statistical information in the report demonstrates what the online casinos paid in the previous month. Once you have studied the report closely you might become aware that there is an individual payout rate for every type of game played at the online casino, as well as a general payout rate regarding the entire amount of money.

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