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Even people who never set foot in a casino are familiar with the concept of bingo. Probably bingo is one of the most well-known games in the world partly due to its simplicity. Bingo history makes for a captivating tale even before bingo became a highly popular game in the online casino. Previously, Bingo was widely known in the USA as “Beano”. At the time, a dealer would chose numbered discs from a cigar box with players marking their cards with beans. Bingo is a game with roots and it can be traced back to the 1530 in Italy. It initially began as a lottery game version which is still played every Saturday by Italians. France was first introduced to the game by the end of the 18th century were it was played by a more sophisticated group of people.

However, the expansion of Bingo doesn’t stop there. The Germans discovered the game a century later, only there it was changed for kids, in order to help school children with spelling, and improve their math. Only at the late 1920’s the Bingo game reach North America were it was called “beano”. A curious and fun fact stands behind the story of the game’s current name, the popular name of Bingo appeared shortly after the game’s appearance in the States, when a toy salesman from New York by the name Lowe, passed a man playing the game yelling “Bingo” by mistake rather than “beano”.

Lowe saw a great potential in this fun game and hired a Math professor to help him increase the amount of combinations in Bingo cards. As a result more than 6,000 types of Bingo cards appeared the market. Even though actual Bingo is mostly popular among the older group of players, in particular in churches, today Bingo is gaining popularity among various social groups at the online casino.

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