History of Online Craps

A lot of online casino fans are very curious regarding the origin of their favorite games. Well, if you are a true online craps fan – you might be fascinated by the history of this terrific game. One of the most popular online casino games to date, craps is also one of the oldest. Experts believe that the game of craps had originated from a game called "azzahr". During the 18th century it had made its way to France where it was named "hasard", and then came all the way to England where it became know as "hazard". Eventually, France embraced the English spelling and brought it with them to a French settlement in Canada called Acadia. When England seized control over Acadia, the French fled to New Orleans where the game evolved during the years. Aside from the rules, the name of the game also changed from "hazard" to "crabs" until it untimely became known as craps. The craps table you can see at online casinos is covered with markings that indicate where to place all the different kinds of bets. The area in the middle is reserved for placing "One Roll" and "Hardways" bets. The edges of the table are meant for placing Field, Place, Come, Pass Line, and all the other types of bets. Both ends of the table look exactly the same since players can be positioned on each side. The player who rolls the dice is referred to as the shooter. In turn, every player around the table gets to roll the dice (turning clockwise).

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