Great Strategy for Playing 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo

Once you get into the game of 7 card stud poker you might want to learn another variation of this online casino game. In 7 card stud poker at an online casino, it is accepted for later betting rounds to have higher limits than earlier ones. This is referred to as 7 card stud hi-lo. For example, a "$5/$10 seven-card stud" game will in an online casino allow $5 bets for the first two rounds and $10 bets for subsequent rounds. There is a hi bet and a low bet at an online casino, with low commonly abbreviated to just “lo”.Also common at an online casino is to make the final round even higher - a "$5/$10/$20" game would allow $20 bets on the last round only. Some online casino sites may allow the larger bet on the second round if there is an open pair (that is, at least one player's up cards make a pair). Some online casino sites use the smaller limit on the first three rounds instead of using just the first two. It is a well accepted convention in stud poker games of any version at an online casino, be it 5 card stud, 7 card stud, or 7 card stud hi-lo, to name the betting rounds after the number of cards each player holds when that betting round begins. So the bet that occurs when each online casino player has three cards is called third street, while the bet that occurs when each player has five cards is fifth street. The final round, regardless of the number of betting rounds, is mainly called the river.

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