Cool Hand Poker Room Closed to US Online Players

Author: Nick Papadakis
Date: 15th Aug 2010 20:14:56
The Cool Hand Poker Room has made a decision that will ensure that they will not be allowed to be in the U.S. online casino market. They are joining the Microgaming online poker network and that means no U.S. customers. Microgaming recently insisted that all online casinos powered by their software stop accepting new United States customers. Many casinos were affected by the move, but have stayed with Microgaming for the time being. The move for Cool Hand was made to ensure that their current customers have a wider variety of games at their disposal. Players will be introduced to new tournaments to go along with all the new games that will be available. The Obama Administration has promised nothing when it comes to regulating the online gaming industry. He does, however, believe that the Internet should be protected from many rules and regulations. Most believe that with the new administration will also come the regulations the online community has been waiting for.

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