Chemin de Fer Baccarat

Chemin de Fer is the original baccarat game from France and is still the most common version of the game played there. The name actually means an iron road and referred to the iron shoe the cards were placed in.

The game is played with 6 decks and the casino has no stake in the game. The casino only manages the game and takes a rake from all hands as a fee for its service. Each player will be banker in turn and will be responsible for covering all other players' wagers from their own money.

The position of the banker is passed form player to player counterclockwise. When a new player becomes a banker they decide on the amount they want to wager. Then one player can decide to "go bank" and wager against the bank the exact amount the banker has bet. If no player wants to "go bank" then all players are given an opportunity to make wagers. If the total amount of their wagers does not cover the bankers bet; bystanders who do not actively participate in the game are given a chance to also wager in order to cover the banker's bet.

The banker then deals 4 cards faced down; 2 for himself and 2 for the rest of the group. The player who wagered the highest is nominated as the representative of the player's group. If either banker or player have 8 or 9 they need to declare it and then cards are turned. If not they may draw a third card.

It is generally advised to draw if the value of your cards is 0 to 4 and stay if it is higher. Once both banker and player decided to draw or stay; the hands are turned and the winner is declared. If the banker loses they cover the bets of all players and the banker role moves on to the next player. If the banker wins they get all players wagers and stay on as banker.

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