CasinoClub €235,716 Jackpot was won within two hours!

Author: Nick Papadakis
Date: 27th Oct 2010 12:34:28

CasinoClub has bumped up the jackpot for the video poker game Jackpot Poker up to €200,000 and just two hours after the new jackpot was introduced a player has won it.

Player Gavin that has been playing at CasinoClub since 2005 has won €235,716 jackpot after only 55 rounds of playing by betting the maximum bet allowed on each round.

Gavin got a five card hand and decided to hold only a King and Queen that were suited. That was the smartest decision of his life as the result from the additional three cards he was dealt was a Royal Straight Flush.

Congratulations to Gavin! His experience proves that you don't always need to play a long while on a specific game to be in with a chance to hit the big jackpot.

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