A Gambling hall such as a Casino or the operators of an online Casino or a particular Gambling Game.

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Santa in the House at Casino Swiss

All online casinos, and in fact most businesses that cater to clients in one way or another, have some type of Christmas promotion offered to their customers. After all this is the season of giving and nothing beats being given loads of free ... read more

Full House

In Poker, a five-card hand that is comprised of three cards of the same value and two additional cards of the same value. For example: three Queens and two Jacks or three Fives and two Kings. read more


A gambling hall such as a casino or the operators of an online casino or a particular gambling game. read more

House Edge

The advantage the casino has in gambling games. Usually measured in percentages. A House edge of 1.4% will mean that on average the casino will win $1.4 of every $100 wagered. read more

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