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Las Vegas Gaming Tycoon Jackie Gaugham Dies at 93

Jackie Gaughan as died on March 12 in Las Vegas from old-age health complications. His son, Michael, reported that his dad was 93 years old when he died. Gaughan was known throughout Las Vegas as just Jackie. He did not like to be called Mr. ... Read More

Is It The End of Download Casinos?

The online casino industry emerged in the late 1990’s and offered players from all over the world the chance to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their home. In order to be able to play, players had to opt for one ... Read More

Paradise Found Slot Offers New Adventures

Welcome to a unique adventure that takes you through special locations around the Himalayan Range. The adventure is offered via a new slot machine called Paradise Found and it is one of the latest slots created by gaming software giant Microgaming. Paradise ... Read More

Big Wins at EU Casino

EU Casino has once again proven that it is one of the best places on the net for casino players hoping to win it big to go to, with a very happy player walking away with more than a quarter of a million Euros. The player – known as JiriB ... Read More

Is Bitcoin the Future of Online Casinos?

In January 2009 the world woke up to a new type of currency – Bitcoin. This was an online cryptocurrency that did not belong to any country and was not controlled by any government. The Bitcoins only exists on computers or smart phones ... Read More

New Sports Betting App for Facebook

So far, Facebook users hoping to indulge in betting via Facebook have been pretty much limited to roulette and blackjack. However, casino game developers are working with Facebook to bring users what they want, and for this reason players ... Read More

$500k Stolen from Borgata Casino Hotel

The Borgata Hotel Casino's 10th anniversary celebrations came to a disappointing halt when three men managed to make away with jewelry worth around $500,000. The security team at the Borgata Hotel Casino contacted local police in the evening ... Read More

India Opening Up to Gambling

When most people think of gambling, the first thing they think of is Las Vegas. The US has long reigned the gambling industry, but Asia is catching up at lightning-speed. Macau is already giving Las Vegas a run for its money and has already ... Read More

Atlantic City Casinos Ban Google Glass

Earlier this week, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement issued a directive which orders 12 casinos in Atlantic City to put a complete ban on Google glasses, as they fear that these devices can be manipulated to be used as cheating ... Read More

Macau Targets Casino High Rollers with Sky 32 Casino

It appears to be becoming more and more fashionable with high-roller casinos in Macau, particularly where players must bet as much as £100,000 or more. But now the big players have a new goal to set their eyes on – the Sky 32 Casino ... Read More

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