Best Strategy For Playing Pai Gow

Some online casino players prefer to plunge head first into the various games that an online casino has to offer. When it comes to playing such games as online poker and its different variations – you should think twice before doing so.

This is due to the fact that games like online Pai Gow have specific rules and its best to learn the strategy of the game before playing for actual money. Pai Gow is a hybrid poker variation. It combines standard poker with the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow. It is a somewhat easy game but offers many strategic options. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards, including one joker, which is a wild card.

After placing a bet, each player and the dealer receives seven cards and splits them into two hands, one hand with five cards (high) and one with two (low). The five card hand must always outrank the two card hand.The Pai Gow player's low hand has to beat the dealer's, and the high has to beat the dealer's high. If the player wins on one such match up, and not on the other, it is a push. In a situation of a push, which often occurs, no money changes hands and the hand is over.

If either one of your hands rank the same as the dealer's it is called a tie. The dealer wins all the ties. Notice that since a push happens often, especially with low-cards, the casino usually charges a 5% commission on any winning bet. Keep in mind that no commission is charged on a push or a lost bet.

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