Basic Intro to Online Pai Gow

Many online casino fans have noticed that lately numerous Asian games have become members of the best online casino websites. Online casino games such as mahjong and keno have won the hearts of many online casino players.

Well, now another game is going to join the online casino market: Pai Gow. It has been presented to the players a few years ago by various small online casino websites and quickly became popular among the players. The online casino games of this type have become extremely popular both among the Asian online casino players and among all others. The online casino industry has been making some plans of increasing the number of top online casino websites that feature those popular online casino games.

Hence, you should study the instructions to this fascinating game and prepare both earn some cash while gambling and enjoy yourself at the best online casino. If you are willing to look into this game then you should be aware of the fact that this online casino game is not played against the house but against the banker and the player will use only one deck of cards and a joker.

The game begins with the online casino player placing his bet and the ice will decide which player will first receive the deck of seven cards. Following that the player will arrange his cards into two hands: one containing two cards ant the other five cards and the next step is to compare the online casino player's hands with the hands of the banker; in case if a player wins both hands he will receive the money. Same goes for the banker. Now you know how to start playing online Pai Gow.

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